The Bay County Equestrian Team is an Interscholastic Equestrian Association team created for any high schooler or middle schooler who wants to further their horse showing/riding abilities. This team started in 2011 and was just a high school team. In our first year we had a member qualify for both regionals and zones in the varsity division (the highest possible division you can show in). The success we had in the first year led to expanding the team to also have a middle school team. Last year we had 5 members in the high school team and 4 members in the middle school team. We had 2 girls qualify for regionals and 1 girl qualify for zones.

We are in zone 4 and we will be showing in at least 5 shows this coming season. We will be doing a lot of fundraising to help cover the costs of the shows for our team members. We already have 9 members on the team this year and practices will begin in August for the 2013-2014 season. Being on this team will lead to an incredible and fun experience for any teenager who loves horses, whether they own one or not!


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